Monday, February 27, 2006

how shitty can your day gets?

my day started off quite shitty when i was driving to work and notice that i can hear the noise from outside quite clearly. After awhile i decided to look at the back of my car and i notice that my car window was open. At first i thought that i've accidentally press the window to wind down but then when i wind it back up it doesn't move. I stopped by the road and inspect it and notice that the window was sliding down by itself, well i didn't know what's wrong it is but i got to get it fix.

Upon inspection it was the window bracket that is broken thus causing it to slide down by itself. The bracket was supposed to hold the window in place and slide it up and down. My mechanic give me an option either to fix it in a cheap way or expensive way. Being at this time of the month i opt for the cheap way of course. Well the parts was replaced and when i got the bill i was quite surprise because it cost me RM85.00. This is the cheap way? I was thinking that it would only cost about RM50 or so. I really wonder how much it would cost me if i were to go for the expensive way. RM150, RM300?

Anyway when i got back to the office i went to wash my face and i notice a very strong smell of shit. heard it right shit. Initially i thought it was from someone inside the toilet so i went out because it was just intoxicating. When i got back to the office i wipe my face and i smell it again, the same kind of smell. This time i thought i was because of the toilet roll that i'm using. Is those cheap toilet rolls and it tend to smell at times.

To my horror, i received a sms telling me that the selangor water filter was tainted with shit water and the same water was being supplied to our daily used. Then it clicks, the smell that i was smelling when i wash my face was actually from the water. Can you fucking believe it? I was actually washing my face with shit water? Even wash my hands with it. Now i'm wondering if the water at my house is tainted with the same supply or not.

To imagine that i was gargling my mouth with shit water . Bath in shit water and even to the extend of drinking shit water.

What the fuck is wrong with my day????

And is so fucking unbelievable that this news is not in The Star or even NST. I think i would be still drinking the shit water now if not for my friend who happened to have a friend that reads chinese daily.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

my fucked up boss

after being absent for more then 6months i've finally decided what to post again. i've been having problem coming out with inspiration on what to post commonly known as writer's block and it can't be cured with just any normal laxatives.

so i was pissed by my boss just awhile ago and i've decided to fuck her up in my blog. don't misunderstood, it's not like i'm going to really fuck her. ewww......!!!. thinking of it makes me sick. would rather see some gay porn than fucking her. argh!!!!

anyway don't you just hate it if the boss keep on commenting that you are slow when you know that there are more people that are slower then you? would you finish a job in a day when the deadline is like 3-4 days away? who would? it's like she's paying you handsomely or there's extra incentitive at the end of the day.

alright i can't write much now, got to get the job moving if not she's going to chew on my arse again. so to end this entry......


Monday, October 17, 2005

hard decision

finally there's a new blog entry, really hard for me to keep updating my blog on a daily basis. alright a question for anyone who read this boring and unimaginative blog of mine. thought of this when i was driving home from gym yesterday. goes the question. what would you do if you were to be stuck in a small island in the middle of nowhere with a very gorgeous looking and the body to die for girl? how long would it take for you to be shagging with her? or would you be shagging with her at all? remember that there's only 2 person in the entire island and the island is not a huge one, the type that you can walk around in circle in less then a day.

how are you going to ask her for a shag? when are you going to ask her? i think for the first few weeks you should still be ok as you both will still be sane and not that horny i guess but then when days and months past and there's no hope of getting out from that island, would you still be sane and not horny?

so the main question is do you just die like that in the island from hunger or you die a happy man with endless shag everyday?

happy thinking and imagining now, hehehe.

Friday, October 07, 2005

i feel worst then a pile of shit....

i can't find any word to describe how i feel now. can't think well too....there's not enough of oxygen to my brain now for me to function perfectly. my eyes are watery and i need to constantly blink them if not it'll be close. my throat burns. my nose keep on oozing out mucous like some super duper horny cunt dripping out cunt juice. toilet roll is getting thinner and the rubbish bin is getting fuller. yup....i got the flu and i got it bad.

i need help.... i think my hearing is affected too. i can't be sick now. i have deadline for monday. yeah as if i care about my work so much. actually i want to be out tonight and tomorrow, hahaha. if only i can sleep at home now.

is it the office environment that makes matter worst? i was feeling quite ok when i woke up this morning but now the longer i sat in the office the worst it gets. i still blame on the air-cond being too cold and the place being too dusty and not airy enough. the air in the office is stall fresh air because there are no windows in the office. there is only a main door and it remains closed most of the time.

i've requested for a ionizer or ozonizer for don't know how long now but yet the request still remain as a request. seriously how much can it cost? why the boss is being so stingy on it? if she spend a bit on making the office a healthier place to work she'll have less worker getting sick and then more work done, how come she can't see the logic behind it? what makes her so dumb? is not like she have a very big boobs or she's blond.

me and another colleague of mine are having an orchestra now....a music of nose blowing and sniffing. hahahaha. wonder how long his nose can stand from alll the nose blowing, mine starting to hurt already. think i'll visit the doctor now to make things better before i start to infect more people.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wow, UU, VV

no i've not gone cuckoo. its just something that i thought of the other day when i was in the shower. sometimes it really amazed me on how much crap theory i can form while i was taking a bath.

i was shown a nice boobies view during lunch on one fine day, sad though that the it was from a indon maid. nonetheless is a nice view and deserves a "wow" from both me and my buddy who is sitting next to me and had the fair share of the view.

why do i said that it deserves a "wow"? simply because the shape made by the boobies when she bow down in front of me. its quite a big and meaty boobs thus creating this false perception of the letter W. not all boobs are able to achieve this feat sad to say. then when i was at the gym on that same day i was once again treated to a boobies view. this time is from a caucasian girl. too bad though as this caucasian wasn't able to create a "wow" effect, her was more of a UU (double U). simply jsut because her boobies wasn't meaty enough comparing to the indon maid i saw earlier. is still a good view though, none that i'll compain. for your information i saw this caucasian once before very early in the morning in the gym having a run on the treadmill. well i didn't saw any UU back then but her nipples was up throughout her whole running session. again i just kick back and enjoy the view as much as possible.

so what does a VV stands for then?

VV (double V) stands for girls with small boobies..thats the shape they will create when they bent over. some might say that there's no fun in looking at a VV but then actually VV is the best view to have. sometimes when you are very lucky you'll be treated to a nice view of the nipples from a double VV.

happy sight seeing then......hehehe.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i feel like shit.

shit...i think that's the best word to explain what i'm feeling now. i feel terribel. powerless. sick. ache. had a very long futsal game yesterday, think i played like 2 1/2 hours non-stop yesterday night. it wasn't that bad if you have a good team to play with.

well first of all i don't think my team was that bad all together just that i have some very selfish player. or could it be me? am i really that lousy of a player that my team-mate can't find the trust in passing the ball to me? i beg to differ. i've been playing football for so long now, more then 10 years and seriously i don't think that i sucks although i might not be a great player.

imagine running up to some clearance waiting eargerly for the ball but ended with my team mate losing the possesion of the ball to the opposing team or some one just decided to take a shot although you can tell that there's no way the ball can go in from there. then you have to frantically run back down to defend. at certain point of the game i don't think that i'm playing futsal at all, it felt like i'm having a jog instead. most of the time i felt like i'm invisible, like i'm not part of the team. felt like an idiot too running around alone in the court while others just ignored me.

i'm so frustrated that i don't even feel like defending when my team is being attack, i just let the opposing striker freely do what they want. why do i waste so much energy on defending when the rest of my team mate doesn't even treat me like a team mate.

so after all those running i was pretty much flat. i was sweating so much that i looked like i wore my shirt and pants for shower. i was wet everywhere. i had to down to can down 2 cans of 100 plus just to rehydrate myself again. i felt fresher after my cold shower back home but i was really tired and went to bed early.

this morning i woke up with sore throat and a running nose. typical flu symptom. i'm sleepy and my legs are strained. my legs feel heavy. my throat feel like sandpaper and my nose is like a leaking pipe. i don't feel good. give me a bed and let me sleep for at least 2 hours. perhaps then i won't feel like shit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

are malaysian drivers mostly colour blind?

sometimes when i'm driving on the road i really wonder if the malaysians drivers are mostly colour blind or yellow is just some other colours. to them the yellow box on the roads doesn't exist, they almost never stop before or outside of the box. most of the time you'll see them in the box like it doesn't exist. why go and draw it there if there's no function in it in the first place?

you might be one courteous driver and actually stop before the box but then you'll be totally surprised to find that other cars will just overtake you and stop in the box in front of you and you ended up getting some foul language thrown at you by the driver at the back.

they used to have the zebra crossing over here at malaysia long time ago but now it have been replace by yellow and black stripes crossing that i don't even know what it is called anymore. anyway again most of the driver never see this crossing and mostly don't even care what function it plays. most of the time in any traffic lights you'll either see some car stopping on the crossing or all the motorcycles are actually stopped there waiting for the first sign of the red light fading into green. how can the people crossed then? it was supposed to be the pedestrian crossing during a red light. where do they cross if there's no space for them to walk freely? you'll actually get run down too if you are stupid enough to think that cars will stop for you when you cross it during a green light.

yellow lights always mean go faster, faster on the gas instead of brake. the only time you'll actually see drivers trying hard to stop is when there's a camera waiting to snap away at some drivers that ran the red lights.

how come malaysians driver have such a bad driving etiquette? does the problem comes from the lack of education in school or lack of common sense?

how can we be proud of being a malaysian when we act like some educated prick on the roads?

my wonderful life of being a designer

lets talk about my wonderful life as being a graphic designer..... ohhh wait, hang on. i just remembered that i don't have a life and being a designer is not that wonderful at all.

worked till the morning and then have to go back to the office in the afternoon, i don't think thats a life to be brag or proud about. to me, my home is more like my hotel room where i go back to shower, sleep and then go off again.

its a boring routine life....i feel like a robot at times. my days are the same every week, month. wake up in the morning, go to work, lunch, work, yamcha, exercise, home, eat, PS2, sleep and this repeat itself everyday throughout the entire weekdays. then come the wonderful weekends.....wake up, tv, eat, PS2, hang out, sleep. how can i bring more excitement into my life?

i think i should wear latex to work too, like some S&M freak. why you say? well...its easy, i'm a slave for my boss. do this, do that.... it never ends. never get praise for a job well done but then always get the blames when something goes wrong. always need to stay till late at night just because they want to impress some client by doing more stuffs than the client expecting from us.

what? say that i'm getting paid for it? i won't complaint so much if i'm paid well for all the job that i'm doing. i'll write a story here about how good my life is if the pay is good enough. i'm getting peanuts paid for doing mammoth jobs. can't even own a freaking car although been working for 3 years plus now, dont even have more then 5k in my bank account.

most of all i pity my colleague that is sitting next to me, she have been staying back late for work for almost a month now just because of some stupid account serving from an account executive in the company, not to mention some shitty client too.