Wednesday, September 28, 2005

are malaysian drivers mostly colour blind?

sometimes when i'm driving on the road i really wonder if the malaysians drivers are mostly colour blind or yellow is just some other colours. to them the yellow box on the roads doesn't exist, they almost never stop before or outside of the box. most of the time you'll see them in the box like it doesn't exist. why go and draw it there if there's no function in it in the first place?

you might be one courteous driver and actually stop before the box but then you'll be totally surprised to find that other cars will just overtake you and stop in the box in front of you and you ended up getting some foul language thrown at you by the driver at the back.

they used to have the zebra crossing over here at malaysia long time ago but now it have been replace by yellow and black stripes crossing that i don't even know what it is called anymore. anyway again most of the driver never see this crossing and mostly don't even care what function it plays. most of the time in any traffic lights you'll either see some car stopping on the crossing or all the motorcycles are actually stopped there waiting for the first sign of the red light fading into green. how can the people crossed then? it was supposed to be the pedestrian crossing during a red light. where do they cross if there's no space for them to walk freely? you'll actually get run down too if you are stupid enough to think that cars will stop for you when you cross it during a green light.

yellow lights always mean go faster, faster on the gas instead of brake. the only time you'll actually see drivers trying hard to stop is when there's a camera waiting to snap away at some drivers that ran the red lights.

how come malaysians driver have such a bad driving etiquette? does the problem comes from the lack of education in school or lack of common sense?

how can we be proud of being a malaysian when we act like some educated prick on the roads?

my wonderful life of being a designer

lets talk about my wonderful life as being a graphic designer..... ohhh wait, hang on. i just remembered that i don't have a life and being a designer is not that wonderful at all.

worked till the morning and then have to go back to the office in the afternoon, i don't think thats a life to be brag or proud about. to me, my home is more like my hotel room where i go back to shower, sleep and then go off again.

its a boring routine life....i feel like a robot at times. my days are the same every week, month. wake up in the morning, go to work, lunch, work, yamcha, exercise, home, eat, PS2, sleep and this repeat itself everyday throughout the entire weekdays. then come the wonderful weekends.....wake up, tv, eat, PS2, hang out, sleep. how can i bring more excitement into my life?

i think i should wear latex to work too, like some S&M freak. why you say? well...its easy, i'm a slave for my boss. do this, do that.... it never ends. never get praise for a job well done but then always get the blames when something goes wrong. always need to stay till late at night just because they want to impress some client by doing more stuffs than the client expecting from us.

what? say that i'm getting paid for it? i won't complaint so much if i'm paid well for all the job that i'm doing. i'll write a story here about how good my life is if the pay is good enough. i'm getting peanuts paid for doing mammoth jobs. can't even own a freaking car although been working for 3 years plus now, dont even have more then 5k in my bank account.

most of all i pity my colleague that is sitting next to me, she have been staying back late for work for almost a month now just because of some stupid account serving from an account executive in the company, not to mention some shitty client too.

Thursday, September 22, 2005's so wet!

woke up this morning with a bloody stuff nose and it started to get aroused and horny as i'm driving to work. the more i digged it the more aroused it got and it was so horny and wet that it started dripping out from my nostrils. all the effort of plugging it with tissues didn't work because it wasn't strong enough to absorb all the horniness of my nose. (wondering if i spell it right)

i need something more powerful....a pad. a sanitary pad for nose that i can use with no shame. so many things are being invented on a daily basis, how come there's no such things as a pad for runnning nose? or a tampon? both have almost the same characteristic, one oozes out bloods the other mucouses.

it'll be wonderful to be able to put a pad or stuck a tampon into my nostril and stop the dripping but then the tampon might not be a great idea because it can be turned into a deadly projectile if you were to sneeze. you won't want to sneeze in front of your friend and then found out that the poor guy's eye have been impaled by your so call nose tampon. nose is so horny. if only that there's a horny wet cunt for me now instead of a dripping wet running nose. i would have won a gold medal in the 100m dash for the runnning nose now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

boring train ride....

took a long boring ride to work today. can you tell me what's the odd of bumping into some nice looking babes in a train full of people? well i don't know the exact number but then i know for sure that the odds is high. but that is not the case this morning, i was in a train full of people and yet i failed to find any babes at all. how could this be?

its just doesn't make any sense. am i trap in some strange twilight zone or what?

its like going to a garden but you don't see any flowers.....all that you see are twigs, weeds and some dead plant.

finally when i got down the train i see some quite ok looking girl walking down the stairs toward the exit. where are they before that? where are they hiding, why are they hiding from me? i guess seeing them for a while is at least better then seeing none at all.

what a great start to another routine day in my life. yahoo!

don't kick my chair

have you ever had this experience where you were seated comfortably in your seat, enjoying your movie in the cinema and some sick bastard at the back of your seat keep on kicking or shaking your seat? i'm sure you have experienced it at least once in your lifetime, unless you never go to the cinema because you are a pirated vcd/dvd supporter or you normally seated at the last row if you do get into the cinema.

i've experienced it more then once...actually i've lost count in how many times it happened to me. at times i didn't even noticed it till someone sitting next to me mention about it.

what's up with all this people? can't they just sit in their chair and not kick the seat in front? is the movie that exciting or scary that you have to keep on kicking at something? why don't you try pinching your own thigh or bite your own finger when you are excited about it?

i just can't stand it, its so annoying. i pay the same price for the ticket as you does but then who give you the privileged to keep on yanking my chair forward? i can understand and even tolerate about it if we are still in the old cinema, old means the time before tgv or gsc where leg room is something that they don't give attention in. nowadays all the new cinemas boost of more legs room as one of their main selling point. how can you still be kicking my chair? perhaps there should be a guide book on every cinema's seat to teach people how to sit in the correct way. or better stills put some spikes at the back of each chair. i can't wait to see if they still want to kick it.

i can still find some patience in me and some forgive you if you're taller then 6ft and your legs are just long, so long that it'll just reach the front of your seat but then there have been more then once where the culprit was a girl, a short girl. how can she reach it? i bet she might be sitting quite low on the seat so that she can spread her legs apart and let the guy finger her in the cinema cause its such a thrill to do it outside. the jerking of the chair might be cause by the involuntary spasms of her when she's about to cum. if its the guy that is doing it, it might be that he was getting his balls grope by the girl at the main time wank too. he better not cum on me, i'm no mary and i don't need any extra hair gel.

the worst still is that they dare to do it yet they don't dare to admit it. balless prick! can't you just say sorry if i confront you, don't act dumb; i'm not dumb to begin with. there's once where this couple try to leave early too, before the lights was on and then they found out that the back door is locked and they need to use the front exit thus passing by me on their way out. and yet without fail they act dumb and pretend like there's nothing happened.

a little qoute inspired by the movie "the sixth sense"..... help i see dumb people, they are everywhere, they didn't know that they are dumb."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


have you ever seen any people drive like this? the car was moving quite fast when this picture was taken, i swear.
another strange things that jason, my buddy can do.

fucking weirdo.

ironic of moronic?

not long ago my old crappy office building were installed with some new fire extingusher as to add some assurance to all the tenants here. i think alot of people were glad that this was being done but the thing is how many people have realised that there are some new fire extingusher in the block?

or does anybody know how to use it during an emergency?

but why the hell are those fire extingushers there if there's no key available to
unlock the cabinet that stores them? why put it there, lock it and throw the key away?

its like having a gun but no bullets available....what good can it do? break the glass and take it out you say? well you can't, you can break the glass but the damn thing can't be taken out like that. the window for the glass is smaller then the fire extingushers.

so....its it ironic or moronic?

safety for the lives and building or safety of the fire extingushers?

RE: WTF...why is it blurred?

this post is to follow up on one of my previous post about the music video of amerie that was being blurred like some japanese porn. note that the part that was blurred out was only showing the stomach of eve. why!.....tell me why?, why can we even show stomach in the video?

argh!!!! dumbarse censorhip board.....up yours!

if this stomach of eve is being censored, how come those abs training product can be shown on tv with women models that have well better looking stomach then eve?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

iPod nano, can it get any smaller?

damn! many version but yet the price is still quite the same. when is it going to be cheaper?
anyway for more information on this might gadget, drop by at my friend's blog at.....

  • the

  • Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    WTF!.....why is it being blurred?

    i was up late on sunday night as usual and i was browsing through the available free tv channel on the tv. there was this music video being shown on 8tv in one of its time slot called 8tv chat session or something like that. well they were showing this music video of amerie featuring eve called 1 thing. i was excited at first because this is the first time i'm seeing this video and i was hoping to see some sexy scene in this video. as usual i'm not surprised when some part of the video are being cut by having this special effect only available in malaysia, MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!. the scene were being slow down and repeat itself to cover up those scenes that can't be shown according to the government. but the real surprised doesn't come from there as i found out that throughout the whole video all those parts that its unfit is being blurred in a way that you only normally find in those japanese r-rated movie.

    sorry eve but we think malaysian prefer flabby stomach so we can't show yours here

    amerie: hey eve, nice square box in front of you there.
    eve: you like it? its a gift from the malaysian censorhip board.
    amerie: cool, where can i get one too?
    eve: well you have to flaunt either you boobies crack or even your tummy to get one.
    amerie: great!

    this is super ridiculous when what they blurred out wasn't even really something that i find offensive or sensitive. i can understand it if they want to cut out the part where the singer flaunt their cleavages but not when what they are showing its only the stomach with beautifully toned abdominal muscles. what is so offensive about stomach in this age, the 21st century???
    to some people they might find looking at a stomach super arousing and causes them to have massive erection or maybe even premature ejaculations but those people are minority. how many do you know in your life that are like that? some people might even find it arousing to see a girl beautiful eyes or even a smile, so are the government going to censored that too? is it going to be like those middle eastern people that must be covered from head to toe? and to only show part of their face when to go dining by lifting up the face cover to put some food in their mouth?

    always remember that curiosity is what kills the cat. the more information that are block out the more we want to know those information. its like a rubber band....the harder you pull it the harder it'll bounce back to you.

    Sunday, September 04, 2005

    the new civic

    the latest design of civic from Honda. the designs are great and the best thing is that there are a few design to choose from depending on your budget or performance of the car. really llike the Civic Si which comes with a 2.0 engine, 17" alloy wheels etc. anyway just check out the link below...

  • the new civic

  • Friday, September 02, 2005

    snakes' day out

    its been very long since we have the chance to go out of the office area for lunch, a super long lunch. today both of my bosses are not in so we the snake gang decided to go down to bukit bintang area for lunch as usual. this time around our snake gang only consists of 4 members as another member of ours can't make it due to job commitment.

    as usual we all went to sg. wang for our lunch at some hongkie restaurant serving 100% authentic hongkie food over at low yatt plaza. had a great meal there, duck rice with my favourite ribena drink. too bad that the meal is not filling at all for a python like i am, my stomach is growling now as i'm typing this.

    started our so called light shopping after the meal. our first destination was to some magazine selling place on the 6th floor of sg wang. spending quite a long time there browsing at some of the nice looking magazines there without buying a single one, bet the owner are pissed with us.

    after that we went to one of our favourite bookstore to collect some books my colleagues bought and the usual free browsing of books again. don't we all just love to browse and not pay a single dime, hehehe. anyway we spend quite some time there flipping at almost all the books that are opened for browsing. i was near asleep by then because i wasn't doing any browsing at all, just not in the mood because i have less then RM50 in my wallet. what's the used of looking if you can't afford it, right?

    before we head straight back to office, my colleague jason insisted that we go down a floor below to look at some cheap t-shirt. RM20 for a t-shirt, thats a very good bargain but then most of the t-shirts are very crappy in design and colour too. although majority of the shirts there are fugly looking they still manage to grab 4 shirts from that shop and the design is quite cool too almost in par with topshop and some of other famous brand. verne was frantically searching for some shirt too but then to no avail, most of the shirts are not in his size. this is what you get when you are a giant and you go shopping in a midgets' place offend though. found a few nice words on the shirts but then the colour combination are so aweful, you need to be colour blind to actually dare to wear it out or blind in that case you won't even mind what you are

    finally we decided to head back to our boring den and was caught up in some jam which took us almost 30minutes to reach. what a lovely day out for lazing, a normal 1 hour lunch become a 3 hour lazing with light shopping. don't you just wish that every monday and friday is like today?

    Thursday, September 01, 2005


    who say toys is only for kids?

  • lego+ferrari

  • saw this ferrari lego toy at isetan lot10 yesterday and i was amazed by how much lego evolved since the last time i've played with it. ever since young i have astounded by lego toys, where does all the creativity comes from? to build something so complex from just some plastic square box.

    i still remembered some of the lego toys i have and its all very simple and boring. nowadays we see that lego is not just some dead toys, its moveable. some even have a small motor inside to help it to move around, what can be cooler then that? and now ferrari logo, what more can we asked for. barbie+lego?

    if you check out the web link above you can see that they, the designer have went to the extend of creating an engine; a V12 engine replica on the ferrari car. doors and boot can be opened and even moveable wheels. from all the models available i'm most attracted by the scuderia ferrari truck. it come with a F1 car inside the truck plus 4 mechanics and tools too. damn....its f*cking cool!!!

    anyway all this nice toys here don't come cheap, just one enzo ferrari car 1:10 (8653) cost RM699.90 over here; can you imagine how much the others will be? i think the truck will be almost 1k.

    i'll continue drooling on the toys now, ciao.