Wednesday, September 28, 2005

are malaysian drivers mostly colour blind?

sometimes when i'm driving on the road i really wonder if the malaysians drivers are mostly colour blind or yellow is just some other colours. to them the yellow box on the roads doesn't exist, they almost never stop before or outside of the box. most of the time you'll see them in the box like it doesn't exist. why go and draw it there if there's no function in it in the first place?

you might be one courteous driver and actually stop before the box but then you'll be totally surprised to find that other cars will just overtake you and stop in the box in front of you and you ended up getting some foul language thrown at you by the driver at the back.

they used to have the zebra crossing over here at malaysia long time ago but now it have been replace by yellow and black stripes crossing that i don't even know what it is called anymore. anyway again most of the driver never see this crossing and mostly don't even care what function it plays. most of the time in any traffic lights you'll either see some car stopping on the crossing or all the motorcycles are actually stopped there waiting for the first sign of the red light fading into green. how can the people crossed then? it was supposed to be the pedestrian crossing during a red light. where do they cross if there's no space for them to walk freely? you'll actually get run down too if you are stupid enough to think that cars will stop for you when you cross it during a green light.

yellow lights always mean go faster, faster on the gas instead of brake. the only time you'll actually see drivers trying hard to stop is when there's a camera waiting to snap away at some drivers that ran the red lights.

how come malaysians driver have such a bad driving etiquette? does the problem comes from the lack of education in school or lack of common sense?

how can we be proud of being a malaysian when we act like some educated prick on the roads?


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