Tuesday, September 20, 2005

boring train ride....

took a long boring ride to work today. can you tell me what's the odd of bumping into some nice looking babes in a train full of people? well i don't know the exact number but then i know for sure that the odds is high. but that is not the case this morning, i was in a train full of people and yet i failed to find any babes at all. how could this be?

its just doesn't make any sense. am i trap in some strange twilight zone or what?

its like going to a garden but you don't see any flowers.....all that you see are twigs, weeds and some dead plant.

finally when i got down the train i see some quite ok looking girl walking down the stairs toward the exit. where are they before that? where are they hiding, why are they hiding from me? i guess seeing them for a while is at least better then seeing none at all.

what a great start to another routine day in my life. yahoo!


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