Wednesday, September 28, 2005

my wonderful life of being a designer

lets talk about my wonderful life as being a graphic designer..... ohhh wait, hang on. i just remembered that i don't have a life and being a designer is not that wonderful at all.

worked till the morning and then have to go back to the office in the afternoon, i don't think thats a life to be brag or proud about. to me, my home is more like my hotel room where i go back to shower, sleep and then go off again.

its a boring routine life....i feel like a robot at times. my days are the same every week, month. wake up in the morning, go to work, lunch, work, yamcha, exercise, home, eat, PS2, sleep and this repeat itself everyday throughout the entire weekdays. then come the wonderful weekends.....wake up, tv, eat, PS2, hang out, sleep. how can i bring more excitement into my life?

i think i should wear latex to work too, like some S&M freak. why you say? well...its easy, i'm a slave for my boss. do this, do that.... it never ends. never get praise for a job well done but then always get the blames when something goes wrong. always need to stay till late at night just because they want to impress some client by doing more stuffs than the client expecting from us.

what? say that i'm getting paid for it? i won't complaint so much if i'm paid well for all the job that i'm doing. i'll write a story here about how good my life is if the pay is good enough. i'm getting peanuts paid for doing mammoth jobs. can't even own a freaking car although been working for 3 years plus now, dont even have more then 5k in my bank account.

most of all i pity my colleague that is sitting next to me, she have been staying back late for work for almost a month now just because of some stupid account serving from an account executive in the company, not to mention some shitty client too.


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