Thursday, September 22, 2005's so wet!

woke up this morning with a bloody stuff nose and it started to get aroused and horny as i'm driving to work. the more i digged it the more aroused it got and it was so horny and wet that it started dripping out from my nostrils. all the effort of plugging it with tissues didn't work because it wasn't strong enough to absorb all the horniness of my nose. (wondering if i spell it right)

i need something more powerful....a pad. a sanitary pad for nose that i can use with no shame. so many things are being invented on a daily basis, how come there's no such things as a pad for runnning nose? or a tampon? both have almost the same characteristic, one oozes out bloods the other mucouses.

it'll be wonderful to be able to put a pad or stuck a tampon into my nostril and stop the dripping but then the tampon might not be a great idea because it can be turned into a deadly projectile if you were to sneeze. you won't want to sneeze in front of your friend and then found out that the poor guy's eye have been impaled by your so call nose tampon. nose is so horny. if only that there's a horny wet cunt for me now instead of a dripping wet running nose. i would have won a gold medal in the 100m dash for the runnning nose now.


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