Monday, October 17, 2005

hard decision

finally there's a new blog entry, really hard for me to keep updating my blog on a daily basis. alright a question for anyone who read this boring and unimaginative blog of mine. thought of this when i was driving home from gym yesterday. goes the question. what would you do if you were to be stuck in a small island in the middle of nowhere with a very gorgeous looking and the body to die for girl? how long would it take for you to be shagging with her? or would you be shagging with her at all? remember that there's only 2 person in the entire island and the island is not a huge one, the type that you can walk around in circle in less then a day.

how are you going to ask her for a shag? when are you going to ask her? i think for the first few weeks you should still be ok as you both will still be sane and not that horny i guess but then when days and months past and there's no hope of getting out from that island, would you still be sane and not horny?

so the main question is do you just die like that in the island from hunger or you die a happy man with endless shag everyday?

happy thinking and imagining now, hehehe.


Blogger juan1252 said...

will there be endless supply of condom or endless amount of babies every year?!

10:01 PM  
Blogger walkinZombie said...

hahaha....sorry for waiting for so bloody long to reply to your reply.

good question you have over there.

well there's always a chance to have babies if you shag everyday. remember that the island is very small so it only have little food supplies on the island like some small berries and maybe mushroom. the occasional small animals maybe? the food might just be enough for you and the girl to survive.

about the condom part....would you still be shagging with condom if you were alone with the girl and the chance of dying is very high?

who would care if you accidentally impregnanted her or you caught some diseases. you are going to die soon might just speed the process up.

7:10 PM  

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