Friday, October 07, 2005

i feel worst then a pile of shit....

i can't find any word to describe how i feel now. can't think well too....there's not enough of oxygen to my brain now for me to function perfectly. my eyes are watery and i need to constantly blink them if not it'll be close. my throat burns. my nose keep on oozing out mucous like some super duper horny cunt dripping out cunt juice. toilet roll is getting thinner and the rubbish bin is getting fuller. yup....i got the flu and i got it bad.

i need help.... i think my hearing is affected too. i can't be sick now. i have deadline for monday. yeah as if i care about my work so much. actually i want to be out tonight and tomorrow, hahaha. if only i can sleep at home now.

is it the office environment that makes matter worst? i was feeling quite ok when i woke up this morning but now the longer i sat in the office the worst it gets. i still blame on the air-cond being too cold and the place being too dusty and not airy enough. the air in the office is stall fresh air because there are no windows in the office. there is only a main door and it remains closed most of the time.

i've requested for a ionizer or ozonizer for don't know how long now but yet the request still remain as a request. seriously how much can it cost? why the boss is being so stingy on it? if she spend a bit on making the office a healthier place to work she'll have less worker getting sick and then more work done, how come she can't see the logic behind it? what makes her so dumb? is not like she have a very big boobs or she's blond.

me and another colleague of mine are having an orchestra now....a music of nose blowing and sniffing. hahahaha. wonder how long his nose can stand from alll the nose blowing, mine starting to hurt already. think i'll visit the doctor now to make things better before i start to infect more people.


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