Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wow, UU, VV

no i've not gone cuckoo. its just something that i thought of the other day when i was in the shower. sometimes it really amazed me on how much crap theory i can form while i was taking a bath.

i was shown a nice boobies view during lunch on one fine day, sad though that the it was from a indon maid. nonetheless is a nice view and deserves a "wow" from both me and my buddy who is sitting next to me and had the fair share of the view.

why do i said that it deserves a "wow"? simply because the shape made by the boobies when she bow down in front of me. its quite a big and meaty boobs thus creating this false perception of the letter W. not all boobs are able to achieve this feat sad to say. then when i was at the gym on that same day i was once again treated to a boobies view. this time is from a caucasian girl. too bad though as this caucasian wasn't able to create a "wow" effect, her was more of a UU (double U). simply jsut because her boobies wasn't meaty enough comparing to the indon maid i saw earlier. is still a good view though, none that i'll compain. for your information i saw this caucasian once before very early in the morning in the gym having a run on the treadmill. well i didn't saw any UU back then but her nipples was up throughout her whole running session. again i just kick back and enjoy the view as much as possible.

so what does a VV stands for then?

VV (double V) stands for girls with small boobies..thats the shape they will create when they bent over. some might say that there's no fun in looking at a VV but then actually VV is the best view to have. sometimes when you are very lucky you'll be treated to a nice view of the nipples from a double VV.

happy sight seeing then......hehehe.


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