Thursday, February 09, 2006

my fucked up boss

after being absent for more then 6months i've finally decided what to post again. i've been having problem coming out with inspiration on what to post commonly known as writer's block and it can't be cured with just any normal laxatives.

so i was pissed by my boss just awhile ago and i've decided to fuck her up in my blog. don't misunderstood, it's not like i'm going to really fuck her. ewww......!!!. thinking of it makes me sick. would rather see some gay porn than fucking her. argh!!!!

anyway don't you just hate it if the boss keep on commenting that you are slow when you know that there are more people that are slower then you? would you finish a job in a day when the deadline is like 3-4 days away? who would? it's like she's paying you handsomely or there's extra incentitive at the end of the day.

alright i can't write much now, got to get the job moving if not she's going to chew on my arse again. so to end this entry......



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